Regal inspections

Regal inspections in accordance to DIN EN 15635

We have been carrying out rack inspections since 2008

According to the legislator, storage facilities are work equipment and must therefore comply with the safety regulations of the Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG) and bear the Tested Safety seal (GS mark), as well as the CE mark (Conformité Européenne) within the EU. The GS mark and the CE mark are the only legally regulated awards for product safety in Europe.

The storage facilities also ideally bear the “RAL-RG 614 quality assurance for storage and facility facilities” issued by the trade association for storage and factory facilities and the corresponding regulations of the trade association BGR 234.

The European standard EN 15635, as well as the industrial safety regulation transfer new obligations to the operator of storage facilities:

In accordance with Section 3 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and DIN EN 15635 8.1.1 and 9.2, the operator must prepare a risk assessment (risk analysis) for shelving systems and have the shelving system checked by a qualified person in accordance with Section 10 – in accordance with the deadlines determined. The procedure for these shelf inspections is regulated by the standard in the German version DIN EN 15635: 2009-08, which came into force in Germany on August 1st, 2009.

Shelf systems subject to inspection

Shelf systems that are subject to inspection are:

  • Shelving racks and pallet racks
  • Cantilever racks
  • Drive-in racks, drive-through racks, flow racks
  • Multi-storey facilities

Manufacturer-independent shelf inspection

We do the rack inspection regardless of the manufacturer. We are your neutral contact for all questions about storage facilities. Especially if you have racking systems from different manufacturers in your company, you can save considerable costs with us. On request, we also offer discounted inspection contracts in which we monitor compliance with the time intervals according to your risk assessment, among other things. We also take on the briefing of your safety officers and the instruction of your warehouse employees. Of course, we are always at your side with advice and action.

Request for a manufacturer-independent shelf inspection by a shelf inspector / shelf inspector

The more detailed you send us your data, the easier it will be for us to inform you of the exact costs, as the costs of a shelf inspection are always determined individually.

Certified manufacturer-independent shelf inspection by us

With us, the inspections are always combined with a maintenance review. This sustainability is particularly important to us, as regular maintenance serves to maintain the value of your warehouse technology and ultimately saves costs. Furthermore, following the inspection, we offer you the organization and repair of the damaged or faulty shelf parts. In this way, you receive all the services you need from a single source, quickly and conveniently. As an independent company, we have access to replacement parts from all major manufacturers.

Through our service, we significantly increase operational safety, minimize risks that can arise from damaged or defective storage facilities and help prevent expensive repair costs.

Qualified expert inspection

A high level of professional competence is required for a qualified expert inspection. As certified shelf inspectors, we have shown that we have the necessary specialist knowledge. The test certificate was based on DIN EN 15635 “Fixed steel shelving systems – adjustable pallet shelves – guidelines for safe working”.

The inspections are carried out during ongoing operations. We also ensure compliance with the safety guidelines in accordance with BGR 234 of the professional associations by means of visual inspections. We control i.a. for recognizable deformations, damage and missing parts, etc. The results are recorded accordingly and the storage facility receives an inspection sticker.

Test certificate based on DIN EN 15635 “Fixed steel shelving systems – adjustable pallet shelves – guidelines for safe working”

We take over your manufacturer-independent shelf inspection on the basis of the industrial safety regulation and the current DIN EN 15635 by a certified shelf inspector.

Furthermore, following the inspection, we offer you the organization and repair of the damaged or faulty shelf parts. In this way you comfortably receive all the services you need from a single source. On request, we can track the dates for future tests on your racking systems.

We look forward to your inquiry and a subsequent, long-term cooperation. We would be happy to advise you comprehensively on all questions relating to rack inspection according to DIN EN 15365.

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Regal inspections to DIN EN 15635

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