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Accredited Controller / Inspector of Shelves for Inspection and Controlling of Shelves

Certification based on DIN EN 15635 “Ortsfeste Regalsysteme aus Stahl - Verstellbare Palettenregale - Leitlinien zum sicheren Arbeiten" (“Fixed Shelving System made out of Steel – Adjustable Palette Shelves – Guidelines to Secure Working”)

We take over the yearly shelving inspection according to DIN EN 15635 Art.

We take over the specialist inspection – independent of the manufacturer – based on Industrial Safety and Health Regulations as well as the latest DIN EN 15635:2009-08 point through an accredited Shelf-Inspector.
Due to our service offer we increase the reliability significantly, minimize risks through damaged or broken storage equipment and help to avoid expensive repair charges in time.

Qualified Expert Inspection

High expertise is required for a qualified specialist inspection. As accredited shelf inspector we have proven to provide the necessary know-how. We earned the certification based on DIN EN 15635 "Ortsfeste Regalsysteme aus Stahl - Verstellbare Palettenregale - Leitlinien zum sicheren Arbeiten.“
The inspections are done during production hours and in alignment with security policy BGR 234 of the Accident Prevention & Insurance Association.  Visual inspections are done to detect possible deformities, damages, missing parts, etc. Furthermore, the load limit signs are adjusted respectively with the construction of shelves. The results will be recorded in writing and the storage equipment gets a resultant inspection tag.

Storage Equipment According to §3 BetrSichV

The employer has to create a so called danger analysis for shelf systems according to §3 (BetrSichV) and according to §10 – in compliance with the set time periods - through a competent and qualified person. The new European draft standard DIN EN 15635.2009-08, which came into force in August 2009 in Germany, defines the procedure of storage inspections.
As the storage operator is responsible for the safe operation he is thus concerned about the staff, the storage equipment and intactness of the goods.
According to DIN EN 15635, point your expert inspectors have to do a weekly and monthly visual inspections and therefore we offer to take on the training of your safety administrators and of course don’t hesitate to contact us should there be any other questions.

Furthermore, we offer the arranging and repair of damaged or incorrect shelf parts. That way you get all necessary services from one source! On request we also provide a service to monitor scheduled dates of future inspections on your shelving systems.

Shelving Systems Subject

Shelving Systems Subject to inspection are:

  1. Small parts Storage Shelving
  2. Pallet Shelving
  3. Cantilever Shelving
  4. Feeding Shelving
  5. Drive-through Shelving
  6. Run-through Shelving
  7. Multistore Devices

Shelving inspections independent of the manufacturer

We carry out the shelving inspections independent of the manufacturer. We are your uncommitted contact person in all questions of storage equipment. Even if you purchased shelving units from different manufacturers you can save extensive costs using our services.`. On request we offer you special inspection contracts, where we, among other things, supervise and monitor the compliance with scheduled dates of inspections according to your danger analysis. Moreover, we take on the training of your safety administrator and instruction of all your storage staff. Of course we are available for you at any time!

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